Jailing Joshua: Hong Kong

Joshua Wong: Jailed Activist

Finn Schulz

CCGS,Vaduz, Liechtenstein



Democratic freedom has become a bone of contention in Hong Kong. A large number of young people, particularly students, were continuously protesting on the streets since last year to demand better freedom and save the democracy in the territory. China is willing to control it and has introduced several laws to crush the human rights and freedom of the citizens. Hong Kong was brought under Chinese administration with a pledge of ‘one country two systems’ from the Britishers. This is no more honored and mainland China is eager to put more pressure and intervention, though indirectly, on Hong Kong. Young generation of Hong Kong wishes to enjoy freedom of speech and open democracy. To ensure it, several agitations were organized which ha:mpered the daily administration and activity  of  Hong Kong. China is in practice of jailing the human rights and pro-democratic activists. The global community is watching and recorded its dissent on several counts. Joshua and Agnes Chow are just 24 and 23 years old and leading the movement. It is difficult to say, right now, whether jailing them will serve the purpose of China or not.  Another friend, Ivam Lam, 26 also sentenced. All three were key figures since the beginning the protest as an umbrella movement. Important reactions came from Dominic Raab, Britain’s foreign minister:

“Prosecution decisions must be fair and impartial, and the rights and freedoms of people in Hong Kong must be upheld.”

A group, Demosisto, was form to assert the cause of freedom of speech and national security law imposed by mainland China.

Chinese aspiration of expansionism, controlling the inner folks like Uighur and Hong Kongers, occupying the South China Sea by illegitimate constructions and continuous military altercations with Taiwan, India, Japan and other neighboring countries is pushing the world again towards two-polar situations. The US, EU and UK, Japan, India Israel and Australia seems to be on the opposite side of China, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia. Though this is not very clear demarcation but slowly these poles are getting shape. However the main player will be the neutral countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Brazil and many other. Both poles are dependent on these countries for their economic stability and prosperity. As the new data from different Think Tanks are coming up, China will surpass the US economy in 2028 five years ahead than predicted earlier.    

This will naturally dictate the activities inside Chinese territories including Hong Kong. China is well focussed on its economy and she is using this richness towards political and security polarization by floating infrastructural projects and lending money in poorer nations. 

In recent jailing Zhang Zhan,37, a citizen journalist and lawyer reached Wuhan from Shanghai, in February, 2020. She began to show the crowded hospitals and severe conditions of the streets of the city through online media. In November last year a trial was done against her for “false information through text, video and other media through WeChat, Twitter and YouTube”. She has been sentenced four years in prison.


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