The Governing Council

The Governing Council of  Center for Culture & Global Studies consists of 11 members-

1-Mr. Tokio Hasegawa (International Coordinator, Hon.)
2-Tina William (Research Director, Global English & Languages Research Projects)
3-Prof. Ram P Dwivedi (Research Director, ICT, Media & Cinema Research Projects)
4-Yuka Sato (Research Head, Japanese Studies)
5-Prof. Ramesh Anupam (Research Head, Hindi Studies)
6-V Smith (Research Head, Global Economy,)
7-Gabriela Miranda (Research Head, Peace Studies)
8-Laura Frank (Research Head, German Studies)
9-Portuguese Moderator:Vacant
10-German Moderator: Finn. Schultz (Research Director, EU & Maldova)
11-Japanese Moderator: Azusa Tao

Former Dignitary
 Prof. Akira Inoue [2014-2018] (International Coordinator/Chief Managing Director)

The list of general-council is under preparation.

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