Life is Delicious, Food is Precious

Life is Great in All Ages 

               Yuki Sakurai
Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, Tokyo, Japan
              ( Diet Researcher )


In various world indices the age considered to be old is different. In some countries, it is 62 whereas in others it goes up to 90. Life in the posterior part brings many psychological and social complexities. To cope with this situation one has to be joyous and stress free and the most essential thing is to eat nutritious food. As we move in the old age, we are favored in public places, with in the family and like that though there are always exceptions.  

We have enough time for ourselves and for our hobbies. Spare time is to contribute to society academically. There are a lot of recreational activities on screens and off the screen. Travelling and tracking provide a refreshing experience. The localized food and drinks give a different taste of life. To explore the nature for a longer time is quite charming. One can sit with the side of a sea-shore or watching snow flakes without any specific reason.    

If a person has commercial orientation, that can also be done. One can open a small café or a bookshop or something like that. An earning in old age is good for self and decreases the burden of the family. Earning and hobbies can go together and fill your mind with joy. Life is beautiful in all stages, one has to accept and relish the time he is passing through. 

Having good food, traveling to open spaces, running a cafe, reading books or watching movies will make old age a great and joyful experience.

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