Hong Kong: Post-Covid19 Protests

Protests in Hong Kong

Chikaho Yamamoto

International Studies Department
Open University of Japan
Chiba, Japan
E-mail: info@globalculturz.org

Hong Kong is again on the path of protest. China’s recent national conference has approved a new controversial ‘National Security Law’ to tighten its grip over Hong Kong. Pro-democratic movement activists fear that this law will gag their cause. In the mean while the US has passed the UIGHUR protection bill. The tussle between them to extend further and going to hit the global economic process. Recently US also evoked the Hong Kong special status. 

Activists, mostly students in their twenties, tried to halt traffic, chant pro-democracy slogans and encircle government offices just after the lockdown was lifted in Hong Kong. They were headed to police buses and not allowed to ‘disturb’ the city. The US secretary of state, Mike Pompeo and Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen have reacted sharply.  Washington has terminated the Hong kong’s special trading status with the United states. 

A massive police deployment was seen in Hong kong after Wednesday protest. Police was hunting and stopping the suspect protesters. Though on Sunday many of protesters flooded on the streets defying the social distancing orders.

China, being an expansionist countries and aiming to become a global power continuously tries put a potential threat to its neighbors like Taiwan, Philippines, Japan and India. In South China Sea, a port and an airbase has been developed which was challenged in International Court of Justice (ICJ). The ICJ ruled against the Chinese Government which the latter didn’t accept. Japanese Prime Minister Mr. Abe Shinzo is advocating ‘free Indo-Pacific Navigation’ along with India and the US. China’s policies are annoying Japan as well, as it claims Senkaku Islands and many a time sent military navy vehicles in the area. The matter was raised on different occasions at foreign ministry level to resolve the issue, diplomatically. Similar incidents are seen in Indian territories of Ladakh and Sikkim, often. After gaining a substantial economic stability, it aspires to become a military super power. And, the trial begins from home. Various reports show Chinese atrocities towards UIGHUR muslims and now the same is happening in Hong Kong. 

US revoked the special status of Hong Kong. European Union has also raised concerns on new security law passed by Chinse Government. Covid-19 has hardly hit the global economy. Escalation among nations will further deepen the crises of unemployment and revitalization of developing countries. As some of the investigative reports show, China was the beneficiary of Covid-19 pandemic. The most devastating country was the US. There are unconfirmed researches and reports that China developed Covid-19 virus, artificially. If this gets confirmed world community will build more economic pressure upon China and may demand compensations. This kind of situation is cannot be not considered good for global peace and prosperity. 

To avoid present tensions, China should move to resolve the Hong Kong and other issues relating to its neighbors amicably and through diplomatic dialogues. Sooner or later Covid-19 will be controlled but if any war breaks between two atomic powers, it will take decades to put the humanity back on track.  

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