The Story: Valentine

Akari Watanabe


It was Montreal Airport in the morning last February when they met each other. A lot of coincidences and situations created that opportunity. So in the fist gaze the boy was little confused. He recalled some very similar face in his memory but he denied to himself. Memories are not always good for our existence. Some memories are like unwanted grass in the field those stop the good crop to grow. Sad and painful memories take away our charm of life. But let us concentrate on the story not on the philosophy. So they met and the boy thought it was some illusion. He turned away his eyes and moved forward to board his flight. He was little sleepy. He closed his eyes. After some time he found that the girl is sitting just next seat to him. We don’t believe in miracles but who can deny that there are miracles all around us every day. Some loose their lives and many are saved every day because of one miracle or the other. So the miracle happened on that day too. Now he could not stop himself. He initiated the discussion. “How much time will it take to reach Narita?” She turned her face towards him and replied, “almost 12-15 hours, depending on the weather condition.” “I see, thank you”. In the mean time they got their drinks. He lost again in his memories. Can a face resemble to some one else so accurately? He asked to himself and felt pain, saddened with his past. As the plane took off they started discussing each other very comfortably. He asked to her, which place you belong to in Japan? “Fukushima” she replied coolly. “Oh! I see, the place of great disaster”, he told in a sympathetic manner. She just nodded her head and became quit.     
The plane was in the blue sky passing through dense clouds. He asked the hostess for his favorite red-wine and switched on the screen to watch some movie. While scrolling down the menu he came across ZEGEN, famous black comedy from Japan. He just chose that. The girl was having her orange juice. She looked at his screen just a matter of curiosity. But, ZEGEN forced her to ask him about movies, ”You like black comedies?” ‘Yes’ he replied by turning his face towards her. He took first deep gaze on her face for the first time. A male gaze is a powerful tool of communication; particularly females can read them very easily. So she received the message very loudly, and their relationship got changed. Now, they were not only co-travellers but also ‘more’ than that. The movie on the screen was going on but there was no one to watch that. Both of them were busy in talks about so many issues, movies, music, nature and places. He suddenly realized that they are not still formally introduced to each other. He introduced himself with enthusiasm, ‘my self Steve Jacob’. ‘Oh! Sorry for the late introduction’ the girl said and washed her hand with a tissue and moved her palm towards him. ‘My self Myta’, she holds his hand. ‘Myta’ never heard such a name in Japan’, Steve replied with surprise. ‘Yes but this is my first name’, she replied to clarify. She wanted to tell her family name but the person was in a little hurry. He just stopped her and said ‘Myta, I liked it, no need for more explanation. ‘Thank you, for liking it” she laughed as she was saying that you like the name and not me. Steve realized the mistake and corrected his statement, ‘I like you too’. She laughed loudly this time and their world changed suddenly.

A Greek mythology says—-we all are half and incomplete- . It happens so because of once the mighty God was angry with human beings. That time, the human beings were fully complete. There was no separation between male and female. But our ancestors committed mistakes and made the God displeased. He cursed us and divided us into two parts. Since then we are trying to unite but alas! there is no solution.  

To create a good understanding, sometimes, you don’t need much time. Myta  and Steve developed good understanding among themselves in last twelve-fifteen hours. They shared so many memories with each other. They found that they have very similar and common hobbies like playing chess, listening country music and trekking. It was 8.30 in the morning when their plane landed at Narita Airport.
To be continue:

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