In Quest of World Peace

Laura Frank

Center for Culture & Global Studies

Nuclear disarmament is the key issue to ensure world peace. Recently the US President, Trump pulled him out of the discussion with North Korean leader Kim Ju Un. The meeting was scheduled to be held in Singapore in mid-June, this year. Kim, at the same, announced that some nuclear facilities, located in the North, would be destroyed before the meeting. He did so. He also initiated to build a positive dialogue with South Korea. Now, the leaders and common people across both Koreas have developed good sentiments towards each other. North Korea, has armed herself with different types of nuclear weapons has a stronger atomic capability. The sanctions imposed by UNSC on North Korea from time to time have their limited impact, as China and Russia were not fully convinced with these measures. It is learned that China was not convinced with sanctions and supporting the North indirectly. 
The countries equipped with nuclear arms are not willing to drop further enhancements. This dis-balance has created a big challenge for a nuclear-free world. North Korea, with it's two immediate and unfriendly neighbors-Japan & South Korea, is not at peace. These two countries, for their security, move ahead under the nuclear umbrella of the US. This causes the North, more unrest. 
Iran, Syria, Israel, Palestine and North Korea are the so-called bone of contention for world peace. Disturbances in these areas are pulling back the world economy. Nuclear equipped countries have bigger responsibility to initiate the global peace process. Donald Trump should re-consider his decision. Dialogues and discussions are the only tools to march ahead on the path of peace and prosperity. 

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