Security Council & Nuclear Tests of North Korea

Yuka Sato
North Korea is moving ahead with its missile program and recently has conducted fifth nuclear test. Though the Security Council has unanimously condemned the acts, but it is not going to check the advancement of the North.
“I think we should condemn it first of all and then we will see what we can do,” Russian U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told reporters. It reflects the limitations of Security Council. British U.N. Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said: First of all there must be full implementation of the existing sanctions, secondly there could be additional names added to the existing sanctions regime … and thirdly there could be a tightening up and a strengthening of the sanctions regime,” Rycroft told reporters ahead of the council meeting.

Though the Council seems unanimous in condemning the North on the floor. But, outside the Security Council the real scenario is different as China blaming US, for not taking care of concerns of North Korea. In reality, China does not use its influence ‘effectively’ on North to control its nuclear and missile launching acts. Now it is very clear that China tries to control its neighbors, Japan and India, by supporting North Korea and Pakistan at several counts. Further, It has a plan to create a problem to US as well. Since US is trying to nab China in South & East China Sea, where, it is making military base, the rivalry between US and China is quite obvious. In a decision an international tribunal has declined China’s claim over South China Sea. The international community is asking China to follow the ruling where as China has rejected the decision. Further, the US and Russia are not in good term on the issue of Syria and ISIS control. The US imposed sanctions on Russia over annexation of Crimea (Ukraine) as Russian territory. Though there is no direct major conflict between India and China, but Japan has annoyed China by nationalizing the Senkaku Islands. China and Japan are passing through a Cold War like situation. In this backdrop, China has identified its allies and promoting and protecting them on international forums. Russian government is also inclining towards China for its needs. China and Russia both are members of Security Council. So, it seems very difficult that the Security Council will go unanimously in ‘real’ sense. Decisions will be taken on the floor of the council and defied by its own members outside. Until this situation will exist, North Korea will remain comfortable and can continue with it missile and nuclear tests. World is heading again towards a new polarization under two rivalry forces, the US and China. China has found its allies as North Korea, Pakistan and Russia. India has marched ahead with its foreign policy to become a close strategic partner with the US under right wing PM, Narendra Modi. It has dropped its philosophy of ‘Non-alignment’ and eagerly willing to develop closer ties with the West. In Japan too, there is a change in ‘defense’ policy and the present government has shown its willingness to play larger role in world peace and international security. Certainly, Japanese SDF is going to be part world peacekeeping forces.
In the mean while G4-Nations (Brazil, Germany, India & Japan) are demanding a permanent berth in UNSC, which seems legitimate and justified. UNSC needs a change after passing of six decades of its establishment. It is altogether necessary to overhaul UN in the greater interest of international peace and prosperity. 

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