Understanding THE OTHERS

-Tina Williams/

The world is shrinking due to several factors. Be it communication technology or easy & comfortable transportation systems or easing of governance. Not only the people but also goods are also moving from one geographical location to the other. Though this movement has created a bigger understanding about the culture, lifestyle and thinking of the alien people, still there are a lot of confusion to interact with others. Here ‘others’ is used as a vaster connotation. There are gaps in our existence as well as in ways of our lives. Gender, color, physical appearances are many and biological in nature.

Economic situations, food habits, cultural practices are the other reasons, which create differences among us. Whereas the first one is beyond human control; the second is becoming more and more homogenous. Western lifestyles have become dominant since the break of last century. We have already crossed the road of modernism and moving ahead with new values and altogether a new social and world order. Since the much of scientific inventions happened in Western World, rest of the globe in one way or the other, got influenced by the Westerners. Though, some cultural groups are not ‘polite enough’ to accept this contribution of the West. So, they are engaged in criticizing and making terror attacks on Westerners and other innocent people. They even don’t want to make a dialogue with the West. There is a preconceived notion that Western civilization is bad and destroying other cultures and their values. West has not only carried out massive scientific inventions but also it is birthplace of several modern and human values like democracy, fraternity and equality etc. Now, due to the process of globalization all nations are becoming more interdependent. The economy of America is dependent on Chinese and Indian economic situations.  Interdependency brings more stability to world. So it is very important to understand the ‘others’ to create a trustful relationship. Our minds have become more and more adaptive towards others cultures and individuals. A new flexibility can also be seen in political arena too. President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima is a witness for the same. Countries are in process of forgetting their old enmities and want to march ahead with new commitments. Japanese government too, is readdressing and settling down the issue ‘comfort women’ with South Korea. So the whole word is creating a better understanding but there are still so many challenges. Many terrorist organizations and few nations like North Korea are not willing to join this new world order. There is also dominance of a few countries UN Security Council, which needs reforms and G4 nations have their demand to be part of it. Despite all these minor odds, the common people all across the world are developing better communication at all levels among themselves. 

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