China-Taiwan Tensions: A Global Crisis

Photo Credit: AFP

Tina Inoue Williams

Research Associate

CCGS, US Center, South Carolina


China’s one-nation principle is widely accepted fact, which allows it to consider Taiwan as a part of its territory. This principle is acknowledged by most of the nations, including the US, in principle only. Practically, neighboring nations oppose this idea due to security threat and they wish to maintain the status-quo. China, as history shows, is an expansionist country and due to its very virtue of communist values it hardly permits the diversity to propagate. Various studies have established that many ‘accomodated’ regions in China have lost their identities. The best example is Tibet, whose spritual leader has taken asylum in India since past many decades. Recently, democratic movements in Hong Kong were brutally crushed by the mainland China. Chinese politics has a tradition and training to govern in an autocratic manner. So they did the same in Hong Kong and will do in Taiwan, in case they are able to gain control over it. Chinese have also banned imports of several food products-fish and fruits from Taiwan. It will impact Taiwanese economy severly as 33% of trade import is done by China. China has been regarded as ‘land encrocher’ nation amongst its neighbors. It is true that Chinese authorities have grabbed the land in South China Sea and developing a military facility there. It has marine disputes with Japan, Taiwan and the Phillipines. The land dispute with India was never settled and there were armed conflicts between the the two nuclear armed nations.

Recently, the visit of US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, to Taipei, has trigered a global crises. In the meanwhile, Ukraine and Russia are fighting a full-sacle war. The US kept it aside, though it is supplying weapens and other financial support to Ukraine to deter Russian invasion. It is very likely that China will attack Taiwan in near future. In that case, the high possibilty is that the US will get involved. Intention of the same has been shown by President, Joe Biden in an interview. The two global powers involvement in any kind of military activity will,certainly, bring more misery to the common folks. Particularly, developing nations will suffer the most. As Ukranian wheat export embargo brought severe food shortage to African countries. The role of UNSC seems very limited, almost a preaching kind of thing, whenever such disastrous events happen. In a better way, China can keep restraint in the interest of global communities. Thuogh, as live drills are going on, it is just a remote possibility. The US-China relations are touching a lower side each day. Dialogues between them can find a solution to restore peace in Asia, which heading towards a war. Chinese bulling attitude has already annoyed Japan and India. PLA, the Chienese army, is on the soil of Indian Union Territory of Ladakh, as claimed by some Indian think-tanks. Japan has recorded a few objections, through diplomatic channels, over Chinese vessels violating sea boundaries near Senkaku islands. It’s time for the Chinese authorities to give a thought on why they are sidelined by the most of the nations, particularly by their neighbors. This can help to shape a peaceful world. 

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