The End of Globalism, Rise of Patriotism

Dr. Ram P Dwivedi
The University of Delhi, India

''We reject globalism and embrace patriotism, around the world responsible nations must resist the threats to sovereignty.''
-Donald Trump, UNGA 2018

The US President Donald Trump declared the end of globalism in his recent address at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). It was the US, who, after the cold war, advocated actively for globalization and World Order. It is now obvious, that Americans want to backtrack the path created by them only. In the same speech, President Trump also made harsh remarks on World Trade Organization (WTO) and insisted upon bilateral ties among nations. The US doesn’t want to play a role of global leader, as it is no more a cost-effective phenomenon. Mr. Trump is very much clear in his vision to focus on ‘America First’ policy and he treats foes and friends equally on this matter. He is demanding more money from Japan and Korea to provide a security umbrella to them. At the same time, he indicated India and other nations not to buy crude oil from Iran. He said, 
Mr. Trump was critical to China & Russia and praised Kim of the North. He advised all the nations to follow patriotism. His address to UNGA is a new turning point and an important issue to analyze for the academics, social scientist and political thinkers.
The emergence of digital media, live streaming, photo, and video editors have broken the gatekeepers and ensured easy, smooth and low cast flow of information and news. According to Edelman a large number of people, particularly in India and China, believe in news spread by various media.

China: 73%
India: 63%
Canada: 55%
US: 47% 
Australia: 42%
UK: 36%
Turkey 23% {Media News trusted by common people}

Though the US and Australia are below 50%. Media is under severe pressure from the political parties and business corporations. The advertisers set the agenda for discussions in media channels and elsewhere. Even, Filter Bubble manages social media and echo communities are created. Overproduction of information has posed a threat to authentication. The lines between real and fake news have reached a hair difference. On one side Mr. Trump is advising all the nations to be patriotic at the same time he has expressed his anger and fear for China. He blamed China to interfere in America’s domestic affairs by the potential use of social network platforms. Mr. Trump’s apprehension is not completely baseless. In the last US presidential election, Russian intervention is under the radar of various investigative agencies. It simply implies that globalism cannot be reverted. It is a natural historical process of human civilization and Donald Trump very much know it. Then, why he is teaching a lesson of patriotism to the nations of the world. Obviously, he wants a better bargain for his citizens in terms of employment, lifestyle, trade balance and security. He no more wants America to play a role of World-lord at the cost of its citizens. This is a complete U-turn from the previous governments. The American aspiration to be a global leader is diminishing under the new regime. 
Trump administration has already kept away Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), Paris Climate accord. His administration is also quitting from several other UN programs. Globalism was a brainchild of USA and with the turn of the century, it has become a burden on the economy. Though Trump wants to play a global role, but unwilling to pay for it. This dichotomy is reflected in his teachings of patriotism. The governments, which are unable to address the real issues of the society they ask their common folks to follow and propagate emotional paths. Social media has become an easy tool to inject these issues in the society by manipulation of facts, data, and information. 
Opinion building and opinion control through the extensive use of social media is quite prevalent. Digitally manufactured reality is flowing freely globally. Governments across the world are trying to put barriers on culture and economy. It seems to fail drastically. Citizens at the global level have to understand that the time machine cannot be reverted. Globalism is a futuristic idea empowered with information and communication technologies. Patriotism wouldn’t work long and as it emerged in the gone era of modernism. In post-postmodernist time, lies and love will walk together with greater warmth. Commitments will keep changing and governments throughout the globe, to retain their power, continue to mislead their citizens. UNGA members present in the assembly, laughed when Trump said, ‘Today I want to share the extraordinary progress we made. In two years my administration has achieved more than any administration had achieved before in history.’ There were several contradictions too. He concluded, ‘Let us choose the future of patriotism, let us come here to stand for our people and for their nations, forever strong, sovereign, just, thankful for the grace and the glory of God, God bless the nations of the globe. ‘ I only can say, ‘ God bless you, Mr. Trump.’

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