Strikes on Syria: A Short Commentary

           Dr. Ram Dwivedi
      University of Delhi, India


Syria and its people are passing through a trauma for quite a long time. President Assad is unable to control and maintain law and order in larger part of Syria. Different rebel and armed groups control the Syrian territories. American allies are in direct confrontation with president Assad, whereas Russia and Iran support him. Syria has become a test-ground for American and Russian allies at the cost of common people. On April 14, 2018, the US, along with Britain and France; fired around hundred missiles targeted to destroy its chemical and research facilities located in the capital city of Damascus and faraway Homs. These strikes were carried out without any prior approval of the UNSC and there was no warning issued. Russia, Iran and, China gave their sharp reactions and requested to call the emergent meeting of UN Security Council to condemn the strikes. US allies blamed Assad to use chemical weapons against their own people. So the strikes were limited.  
As told to the international media the Asaad government used ‘Sarin’, ‘Chlorine’ and other dangerous chemicals to control the rebel groups. In any case, it is going to set a bad precedent and cannot be accepted. Russia blamed that the US is spreading baseless facts and Asaad also denied any such chemical weapon use. The truth must come out and there should be self-restrain from all the sides. Sometimes smaller incident of provocation turns into major confrontations.

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