North Korea: A New Threat by Akira Inoue

Yesterday North Korea launched a missile, which finally hit the exclusive sea area of Japan. Despite several joint efforts, The US, South Korea and Japan are not able to control the North in its notorious activities. There were many attempts to convince China to exert its pressure but all this have gone to a garbage bin. We see a new polarization in global geo-politics. China in its protection propagating North Korea, Pakistan and few other nations to conduct such activities which create troubles to it neighbors-particularly Japan, India and South Korea. Unfortunately Russia, because of the sanctions imposed by US, is bound to join the camp of China. The dream of North Korean leader Kim Ju Un is very clear. He wants to create a potential threat to US so that better negotiations can be done. Now US & South Korea are establishing an anti-missile weapon to resist the North’s challenging activities. However its radars are covering part of Russia and China too, so they have raised their concerns. It does not seem that there will be any solution to new emerging threat from North Korea, in near future, but all the concerned countries and their citizens should be vigilant for that.

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