BRAZIL: A Dream Destination

-Gabriela Miranda/
Rio Olympics 2016 have attracted the attention of the global community towards Brazil, a nation situated in South America. Brazil, a growing economy, has lot of potential and fascination despite the poor situations of law and order and a bit of political and administrative uncertainty.
Brazilians are very enthusiastic people towards foreigners and they easily accept the new culture, food and lifestyle. Our ancestors came from Portugal and created a completely new nation with the help of local communities. With a policy to ‘Whitening’ the nation people all across the world reached to Brazil. A lot of people from Japan, our Cultural Hexagram partner, too reached as a coffee grower and most of them settled down in Sao Paulo, the business capital of Brazil and a vibrant, youthful city. The whole nation is full of natural resources and environmental wealth. 
In this note I would like to tell you about my city i.e. Sao Paulo or commonly called Sampa. It has a long history, to cut it short; Sampa was recognized as a city in 1711.
In 19th Century there was boom in coffee growing, and export to other countries. Due to this, many people found an opportunity and we see an influx of people from Italy, Germany, Portugal and Japan as well as Syria and Lebanon.  Japan has highest number of its citizen, outside the country, in this city.  So, Sao Paulo is the most diverse city on this earth. A lot of clubs, rich nightlife, and business hub of South America, Sao Paulo fascinates everyone.
Parque Estadual Serra do Mar (part of the Atlantic Forest South-East Reserves, a UNESCO World Heritage) Site is a must visit palce and located in the South of the city. It is mix of mountain and rain forest and a great attraction of eco-tourism.
Parque do Ibirapuera, is famous for its shopping Malls. Various cultural and recreational activities happen here.
Avenida Paulista
Avenida Paulista is the hub of culture and business. Museums, theaters and other cultural centers provide different types of entertainment but the most popular is music. It is a must see in Sao-Paulo.
The Last Advice-

We, generally, kiss on the right cheek to say hello or goodbye. Male and female both do this; the only exception is male to male; until and unless they are close friends or Gay.  So enjoy.

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